I’ve published two novels and one collection of short stories on the Amazon Kindle platform. Find them on my Amazon author page.

Ohiowa: A Novel

Ohiowa cover_pm1A dark comedy that offsets heart-rending loss with bad poetry and angst-ridden chastity with outrageous promiscuity, Ohiowa follows computer artist Danny McAlpine, who, after witnessing a bombing in Hollywood, flees to his ranch in Colorado where he unexpectedly becomes host to two dozen other terror victims. We are caught up in the world of this bizarre and anxious group that is soon targeted by a high-school aged wannabe jihadist and his pet gerbil; a jealous ski instructor; and a sleazy opportunist looking to swipe an historic Indian headdress. A wild read with unexpected pairings and unlikely heroes, Ohiowa is action-packed, therapy-laden and delightfully absurd.

Zombie Road Trip

What’s it like to be a zombie? Timothy Lipton finds that out in this hilarious, first-person look at the life and times of one of the undead. A victim of an experiment gone wrong on the way to finding a cure for the zombie plague sweeping the globe, Timothy soon hooks up with a partner — Zombie Marilyn 418xb8alnulMonroe — who turns out to be the unlikely accomplice he needs to navigate his way across the Wasteland to regain his memory and find the mysterious ‘Meridian.’ In their zombie Odyssey, Tim and Marilyn encounter the Wild Man, the Fat Lady, the Naked People and even Tim’s wife. ‘Zombie Honeymoon’ takes the genre to places it’s never been before — not only inside the mind of a ‘Zee’ but to the inevitable conclusion that, yes, zombies want a little love, too.

Crouton: A Love Story — and Other Tales

Lonely Ted finds a crouton in his spotless apartment and freaks out. But the errant bread item is really a catalyst for a strange sort of love story. Crouton new_sm
This is one of nine short stories by T. Alex Miller in this eclectic collection. There’s the semi driver who has to pull over if he hears ‘Free Bird’ on the radio; the son who inherits an enormous pistol he doesn’t want only to find he’s a crack shot; a guy whose brain appears to be floating out of his head; a young boy who finds acceptance through a tuba; and the theater reviewer who can’t stay awake during performances — and more.