A second-home economy

Vail Daily | April 28, 2006 They come, they spend, they leave. Then they come back. Eventually, some of them stay for good. They’re the High Country’s second-home owners, a huge driving force behind the region’s economy who often fly under the radar of the community but whose influence can be seen in many a […]

Unpacked: Bill Forrest

Mountain Gazette, 2005 It’s a cold, quiet December day in Salida, Colorado, when Bill Forrest rummages through his pack for Mountain Gazette. I’m instantly struck by how almost every object he pulls from his old Kelty has so much thought behind it, even though, as he admits, the 17-pound pack he carries for day snowshoes […]

Alternative Grandparenting

ONE program matches seniors with children in model program LA Family/2004 Jenna and Doci are playmates at the ONE daycare center in Van Nuys. On a hot day in August, the two play with blocks in the cool climes of the toddler room, each oblivious to the world around them as they focus on their […]

Camping for Weenies

El Capitan Canyon Puts a New Spin on ‘Roughing It’ LA Family/2004 Some people think roughing it on vacation is finding a hotel without air conditioning—if such a thing even exists anymore. For those willing to take one more step back without having to resort to sleeping bags and backpacks, El Capitan Canyon is a […]

Cool Off In Breckenridge

LA Family/2004 Deep in the middle of the Southern California summer, a trip to someplace cool sounds nice, doesn’t it? If you’re short on time and are looking for a place that’s pretty easy to get to for a weekend, consider Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s a two-hour flight from L.A. to Denver, then another two hours […]

Legoland For Everyone

LA Family/2004 Parents of toddlers know that a lot of theme parks don’t much cater to the youngest set. Most of the rides and attractions at the major parks are geared toward older kids and adults, leaving the dilemma of what to do with the toddler in the group while everyone else is having fun. […]