Clif Taylor, a ski area pioneer

From the Copper Cable — March 13, 1992     One of Copper Mountain’s “hidden” ski celebrities is Clif Taylor, a sales associate at Copper Mountain Real Estate (CMRE). He’s “hidden” because most people look to the Copper ski school for ski instruction. And he’s a celebrity because he’s a member of the National Ski Hall […]

Copper Mountain history as of 1991

I wrote this for the mountain’s 20th Anniversary season in 1991. Since it was for a publication that was almost wholly dependent on revenue from the resort and surrounding businesses, I had to gloss over some of the more unseemly details. The destruction of the wetlands and beaver habitat, for one, is something that would […]

Some thoughts on snow

I think I wrote this for Mountain Gazette but not sure if it was ever published. So many images – from the snowy Rockwellian tableau that exists in our minds to countless photographs on postcards and in coffee table books – show snow sitting still. Parked in fields as the sun sets, reposing on the […]

Book review: ‘Blue Revolution’

Summit Daily News/March 2013 Ask any knowledgeable Westerner about the most complex issue facing our region and chances are water will emerge as the clear winner. Sure, fracking, beetle kill, marijuana laws and a variety of other topics can be mired in bellicosity and intransigence, but for sheer head-banging frustration and Byzantine complexity, it’s tough […]

Gone are the letters

While home on break over the holidays, our oldest son did something that stood out as rather unusual in these digital times: He sat down at the kitchen table and wrote a letter. With a pen. On paper. And then he addressed it (with some tips from his aged parents), put a stamp on it […]

The beauty of a full house

  On Christmas morning just past, they were all here: all five of our children. In one place, at the same time, under one roof. In addition, we had a new grandbaby marking her first Christmas and assorted girlfriends and fiancés on hand as well. Having family home for the holidays is nothing out of […]