Clif Taylor, a ski area pioneer

From the Copper Cable — March 13, 1992



One of Copper Mountain’s “hidden” ski celebrities is Clif Taylor, a sales associate at Copper Mountain Real Estate (CMRE).

He’s “hidden” because most people look to the Copper ski school for ski instruction. And he’s a celebrity because he’s a member of the National Ski Hall of Fame and has been teaching skiing longer than most of us have been alive.

While Taylor has proved a formidable asset to CMRE, his undying love for the sport of skiing, and its instruction, keeps him active in preaching the Clif Taylor method of skiing even while he’s selling condos. Apart from being an inductee, in 1979, to the National Ski Hall of Fame, Taylor’s greatest claim to fame is the “Graduated Length Method” (GLM) way of skiing, which he introduced to the world in at the World Congress of Instructors in Garmisch, Germany, in 1971.

The GLM focuses on the need of skiers to start with shorter skiers, and then move into longer boards as their skill increases. This method is still used by instructors today.

In addition to the GLM, Taylor touts the need for skiers to get in touch with the bodily mechanisms that make skiing work. His emphasis on correct posture and movement are manifested in his infamous skiing machine, which inhabits a space outside his
office at CMRE. A sort of “ski exercise” machine, Taylor’s skiing machine helps skiers develop their natural turning power by focusing on the very actions that create good skiing. You can use it with your tennis shoes on, and with Taylor beside you, you’ll pick up quickly the motions he’s trying to get you to do to make you a better skier.

But that’s not all! Taylor’s zeal to create better skiers is such that he will entertain any person who comes into his office at no charge.

In addition to giving impromptu lessons in his office to those who seek them, Taylor also offers his “Super T” ski seminars every Friday at the Copper Mountain Athletic Club from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. — also at no charge.

The Super T seminars concentrate on the 15 super-turning exercises Taylor says are essential to good skiing. These exercises concentrate on rhythm, power and balancing techniques.

With these 15 super turns in place, says Taylor, you can handle anything from moguls, ice and powder to steeps, racing and mastery of any slope. A bold claim, but who better to believe than a man who’s been teaching skiing since Eisenhower was in office?

Taylor’s background in skiing is as impressive as you could imagine. A member of the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops in WWII (Italian campaign), co-captain of the Western State Ski Team in 1947, recipient of the National Ski Writer “Golden Quill” award in 1980 for his books “Instant Skiing!” Ski in a Say” and “GLM, the New Way to Ski,” Taylor’s credentials speak for themselves.

Taylor has also been the producer of over 20 instructional films on skiing and several books — all of which he’ll be glad to show you if you stop by.

Although Taylor has been around awhile, he’s gotten hip to the aerobics scene with his ski-aerobics “Magic Motion Ski-Mat,” which helps skiers get in touch with the muscles they need to use for good skiing.

All of this valuable experience is available through Taylor at no charge if you choose to get in touch with him. Be careful, though, in addition to becoming a better skier, you may just find yourself buying a new condo at Copper! It’s happened before.


(Clif Taylor died in March, 2005)


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