So today marks the 20th anniversary of the first edition of the Summit Daily News. Not very long compared to some newspapers, but it certainly seems like the paper has, in two decades, become an integral part of the Summit County scene.

That wasn’t always the case. When the paper started up in 1989 as a little 8-pager full of wire stories and typos, the entrenched Summit Sentinel looked tough to beat. But readers responded to a then-five day “daily” and the more irreverent approach of the Daily, and before long we were moving into the Sentinel Building.

I was still bumping chairs at Copper Mountain and writing stories for the (now defunct) Copper Cable when I interviewed for a reporter job at the Daily in the spring of 1993. At the time, the Daily offices were located in the building where Ollie’s and the toy store are on Main Street – and a bustling little office it was. During my interview, I was offered a beer and apprised of the opening time of the bar downstairs (Barkley’s, at the time). And while things have gotten a little more buttoned-down since those days, I still come to work every day with much the same attitude I had back then: Eager to find out what the day would bring in news at the same time happy to be working with a great group of people committed to delivering information to the community.

While we don’t have anything special planned today, we do have a special anniversary section in the works for October. Also, photographer Mark Fox – who was here shortly after the paper started 20 years ago – is planning a retrospective photo show at the Silverthorne Pavilion in October. Keep an eye out here for details – it should be a really neat exhibit that will detail in pictures the recent history of the county. Also, check page 2 in today’s paper: I caught up with some former SDN staffers to get some insight into those first days …


Speaking of Mark Fox, he and I took a tour of the new Colorado Mountain College facility in Breckenridge Wednesday with fundraiser extraordinaire Judi LaPoint. While I still wish the campus had landed in more centrally located Frisco, it is nonetheless a nice-looking facility that’s a big step up from the tired old building in Breck. I was particularly taken with the teaching kitchen they’ve built there, and culinary director Doug Schwartz proudly showed us all the cool bells and whistles that will enable many members of the community to step up their cooking skills.

All in all, the new CMC campus is a nice, modern building with a lot more room, better technology and much less squeaky floors than the old facility on Harris Street. What it needs now is students to give it that lived-in feel, and that’ll start next week when the fall semester begins. Also, the public is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4 p.m. Aug. 29.

By the way, there are plenty of ways to help the college out and get your family or business name inscribed on something at CMC. From $100 pavers out front to more spendy options like naming classrooms, there’s something for almost any budget as the college continues to raise funds to pay for all the fanciness. Incidentally, it was interesting to note that Copper Mountain kicked in $100,000 to name the beautiful front lobby. Not sure what any of the other resorts are doing …


Well, the hummingbirds are looking like they’re ready to head south, reports of yellow aspen leaves are coming in and school starts next week for Summit County students. It’s a cliche to say it, but it does seem like summer just started. Oh well – if you’re not down with short summers, this is the wrong place to live!

Summit Daily News, Aug. 20, 2009

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